Collection: Under 2999

You will be spoilt for choice under the INR 2999 range. The designs of snack bowls, coffee table bowls and salad bowls under 2999 are simply enchanting. There is a wide range of party platters as well as serving bowls in mesmerizing designs, shapes and colors. You can also check out the breakfast sets, bowls-platter sets and more. Check out now!

Serving Bowls to Add Oomph to the
Dining Experience

Serving food is an art! Food when presented well takes the dining experience to the next level. In fact, tableware plays a key role in making the food appeal to the eyes as well as the palate.

To help you play the perfect host by presenting your well-cooked food aesthetically, we have for you serving bowls that are elegant and classy.

The satisfaction that one gets when the table is perfectly and artistically laid for those special guests is unmatched. We understand your innermost feeling and bring for you a complete range of serving bowls for every need.

It is a proven fact that food when presented well will taste better and the memories of the dining experience will stay in the mind for longer. With our serving bowls sets, tableware, and dinner sets, you can use your dinner table as your canvas and impress your guests with your culinary and artistic skills.

Range of Serving Bowls

Curry Bowls: This is the highlight of the dinner table as they are used to serve main dishes like dal makhani, malai kofta, kadhai paneer, manchurian or any other curry-dish.

Salad bowls: Salads are another favorite these days. The health-conscious people first set their eyes on the salad bowl when at the dining table. We have a wide range of salad bowls in various hues, colors, and designs.

•Coffee table bowls/ Snack bowls: These are a show-stopper of our serving bowl range. We have serving bowls for snacks in several uneven and artistic shapes and designs. Snacking from them is a treat.

•Chip and Dip Bowls: These are perfect to serve snacks with a dip. They have a dip serving bowl in-built that adds to its appeal.

•Serving Bowl Sets: You can buy serving bowls and snack bowls in sets to complete your table setting. We also have pudding bowl sets for multiple uses.

Key Highlights of our Ceramic Serving Bowls

•Handcrafted by artisans using the best quality material
•Amazing finish, hues, colors and glazes
•Small, medium and large size ceramic serving bowls
•Dishwasher Safe, Leadfree, Microwave Safe
•Varying shapes- circular bowls, uneven bowls, etc.
•Prices are affordable and Shipping is free

Buy our stunning serving bowl sets today to ensure that when your guests sit at the dining table, they are impressed with your perfect table setting!

We also have serving bowls, snack plates, dinner plates, drinkware, jars, and cutlery to make eating experience unforgettable.

Shop with us today to make the dining experience exquisite!