About Us

Enhancing the value of your dining rooms with aesthetics that make you a Proud Host.
A new initiative by MommyWize, MW Not Just Home is about bringing an artistic and modern touch to your home though its dinnerware, serve ware and drinkware collection.
MW- Not Just Home brings for you beautiful dinnerware, serve ware and drinkware to create a special and stylish setting your guests would love. Our products have been handcrafted using traditional and modern techniques and are the works of the finest art.
We have a carefully curated collection for the passionate souls who want to add oomph to their table settings. If you want to create a picture-perfect ambience that has both old world charm and contemporary look, you must surely buy from us and make every fine dining occasion extra-special. Our products are eco-friendly, dishwasher safe, lead free, and microwave safe.


With Designs that delight; we have tableware for every occasion, be it formal or informal making the soul of your food happy with a whole new luxury collection.

If serving is an art, then our tableware can be the canvas for your art. Handmade, dishwash and microwave proof, lead free, this is a perfect way to add a beautiful touch to your house with this chic collection.


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